Internet Footprint Dilemmas

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Internet Footprint Dilemmas
Date 2022/07/07
Time 7PM
Location TechInc
Type Meeting
Contact User:Becha
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Internet’s Footprint Dilemmas

Climate Garden meets Technologia Incognita: Internet’s Footprint Dilemmas

In cooperation between KasKantine and RIPE Community, hosted by a hackerspace in (h)ACTA, we will explore questions of:

  • digital development’s impact on the planet: how much pollution, extraction and consumption is possible within planetary limits;
  • carbon footprint, water/energy/minerals consumption, e-waste
  • what benefits of digitalisation are justified - compared to older, more traditional ways of communication.
  • possible (partial) solutions such as low-tech, reduce/reuse/recycle practices, policies within Internet Governance, and political actions.
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Practical details


When & Where

  • When: 7.7. at 7PM (Thursday)
  • Where: TechInc : (h)ACTA Broedplaats:
    • Address: Louwesweg 1, Amsterdam ; first floor; call the phone number on the door to be let in!
  • What: Discussion & drinks (free tea, other drinks available to buy)
  • Who: hackers, gardeners, activists, people passionate about climate change issues, techies, artists, parents, youth, refugees welcome
  • Structure: short intro, topic expertise, Q&A, group discussion, calls to action = next steps


  • Organisers: Vesna & Betty
  • Facilitators: Vesna & Betty
  • Guests:


  • you can also just SHOW UP
  • if you do want to register, please use Meetup pages: either by Climate Cafe [LINK] or by Technology Incloginta [LINK]


  • If you want to invite your friends, please share these links:

Background material






  • December 2021: The cyber-consciousness of environmental assessment: how environmental assessments evaluate the impacts of smart, connected, and digital technology (John Mulrow1, Manasi Gali1 and Emily Grubert1) Published 22 December 2021 :



Beyond Humans



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