Idiots guide to space, and live rocket launch.

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Idiots guide to space, and live rocket launch.
Date 2017/06/25
Time 2030 - 2300
Location Techinc
Type Lecture
Contact Katje


Anyone who's been following on IRC these last few months will know that I have, where possible, tried to announce when all the fun space launches are happening with links to the live feeds of the launch (and in some cases the landings).

I get a lot of questions on these events about how the rockets work, the processes involved and what's about to happen. So for the uncoming launch of the next batch of Iridium satellites on the 25th of June, I'd like to run a launch party event in the space.


2030 CEST - Arrival, get drinks, find chairs, settle down etc...

2100 CEST - Short talk on modern space flight, covering things like Dragon, Soyuz, Ariane, Dragon, ISS, etc...

2200 CEST - Coffee/beer/loo break

22:24:59 CEST Falcon 9 Full Thrust Launch delivering Iridium NEXT 11-20 into LEO.

If there is time and interest I will also try to cover the interesting developments we'll see in the next few years including SLS, Crewed Dragon, Dream chaser and JWST

Please note that I don't have the ability to control the weather at Vandenberg Air Force Base, nor do I have any control over technical hitches that may cause the launch to be scrubbed. But I'll still do the talk part, even if the launch is scrubbed.

My Background

After uni I was involved in a satellite project with ESA involving working at ESTEC as well as visiting the Soyuz factory in Russia. I'm also a rather large space Geek.

(Yes I know I've used lots of acronyms in this, come to the talk to find out what they all mean :p )

Who's coming?

If you're interested in coming along, please add your name below