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Skills Creative thinking, Social Networking
Status Planning
Niche Community
Purpose Promotion

A gift-pack with documents and goodies that explains to interested people what we are all about.

Initially concieved for the neighbours at WG. This could later be adapted to be a gift for other people/occations as well.

Proposed WG contents

  • A "hello" letter inviting them to the Socials and just how kick-ass we'd use the space and how kick-ass it'd be for the whole WG community to have us. Preferably, Nederlands and English, one sheet, double sided.
  • An initial plan of how we'd use the space at WG. Just a sketch, nothing final, just to give an impression to WG people of our space use.
  • Add a list of highlights of 2013 events and new events we see going for this year. Let's not forget to include stuff like the Wednesday summer-barbecues, the Quadcopter demos outside, etc. Think: We have this awesome space, what are we going to be doing with it?
  • Some techinc stickers.
  • A Trinket like a TechincWheel, Bristle-bot, or something similar we have the part laying around. It doesn't need to be fancy, just work. Most people have never seen such a thing. Now we're giving them one, because we're awesome.
  • A throwie in parts and with printed instructions, so they can build it or give it to their kid/nephew.
  • Include it in a pack (Techinc stickers on the outside) and hand-deliver it.


Cost of the pack should be no more then €10 per hello-pack. Maybe we can make an alternative light-hello-pack that's cheaper, so they can be shared more widely.