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* Internet Printing Protocol
* Internet Printing Protocol
* <s>URI: ipp://</s>
* <s>URI: ipp://</s>
Some unpleasant guy '''''renamed''''' the printer queue without telling anyone and without documenting it. Thanks for nothing!!!!!!
* URI: ipp://
* URI: ipp://
* Driver: Raw
* Driver: Raw

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TechInc Inventory
Description HP Color Laserjet 1600
Make HP
Model Color Laserjet 1600
Category Office
Operational Status Working
Received at
Acquisition Details
Owner Technologia Incognita

  • 2250 pages for colour
  • 2850 pages for black
  • ca. € 40 for each toner cartridge


Currently it's plugged into indicio and shared over the network.


  • Internet Printing Protocol
  • URI: ipp://
  • URI: ipp://
  • Driver: Raw

When using CUPS, it can be added using the web interface: http://localhost:631/admin


Install the HPLIP driver and run hp-setup


To pay for the toner we suggest the following:

  • € 0.10 per page colour or monochrome for 'average use'
  • € 0.50 for full colour page prints