Four Year Anniversary

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Four Year Anniversary
Date 2015/09/19
Location Techinc, ACTA, Amsterdam
Type Party
Contact Party_Orga_Taskforce

We survived our eternal predicted bankruptcy...
We survived all the debate^Wbikeshedding, ALVs barely...
We managed to live through the trolling, even.
Thus we've been busy... being TechInc for four years!

We celebrate Saturday, September the 19th!
From 13:00 Open day together with broedplaats ACTA
From 18:00 Party Y4Y Techinc Party !! Techinc Y4Y Partyyyy Y4Y !!1

Probably no BBQ weather, but there'll be plenty food options.
Lightning talks or short demos: please contact:

More info: see members' mailinglist and/or keep an eye on Four_Year_Anniversary_Party_Orga
Greetings from:
        TechInc Party Orga Taskforce