Food Hacking Base Day1

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Food Hacking Base Day1
Date 2014/01/10
Location (h)ACTA
Type Workshop
Contact Contact,

Food Hacking Base Day1 - Tempeh Workshop, hands on, starts around 7 pm, 15 people max

Dan merc tempeh.jpg

This workshop is an introduction to soybean ferments. It will take you through the preparation of the soybeans, inoculation of the beans with the microbial culture and the subsequent harvesting and aging. The ferment which we prepare will be tempeh which is traditional Indonesian dish made from fermented soy bean by Rhizopus oligosporus.

The diversity of the ferments which can be prepared from soybeans is truly amazing, depending on the cultures (microbes) being used and conditions/techniques applied (and of course the treatment of the soy beans). In this workshop we will go through the basic steps which will secure proper preparation of the soy beans as a substrate for the microbes to inoculate it with. The proper fermentation conditions will be discussed and devices making it easy to full fill them suggested. We will be also harvesting the previously made ferment and as usually tasting samples of the final products. We will also recommend places where to order/buy the cultures.

The workshop is donation based, no one turned away for lack of funds. The basic ingredient costs will be around 5 eu, if can get around 10 eu per person in average that would be great! We can have around 15 people for this hands on workshop max.

Attending: Wally