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* bigmac + minimac
* bigmac + minimac
* Chotee.
* Chotee.
* bakboter (7pm after HITB)

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Electronics Friday II
Date 2017/04/14
Time 19:00 till late
Location ACTA
Type Meeting
Contact User:Chotee

Members that are interested in (starting with) electronics to come together and work on projects or problems, learn from each other and make them lights be blinkin'.

There's not going to be any kind of workshop or tutorial prepared, but we'll pull out the 'scopes and other tools from their corners. Come with projects, ideas, questions, knowledge and interest to learn and/or teach.

Let's provide a place to learn and share no matter the current exp-level. We can all level-up together.

Planning to attend:

  • Chotee
  • bigmac + minimac (Marcel + Branko)
  • Oberoid - "Are you dreaming of modulating my pulse width, mister Mimms, mister Sheep?"
  • Xipholena
  • You?

Interested in dinner before at 6pm (or 7pm upon request) (nasi goreng etc - donationware, home cooked, possibly vegetarian):

  • bigmac + minimac
  • Chotee.
  • bakboter (7pm after HITB)