D&D game night

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D&D game night
Date 2015/04/25
Location Techinc
Type Social
Contact mr_seeker

Because hackers sometimes needs to get away from their screen, I am organizing a Dungeons and Dragons Game Night. I will be playing a simple game of Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 edition in the aux space, to get people accustomed to the game and its workings.

People that like to join, please note that I will be in the space around 19:00 and will begin around 20:00, there is no set hour to finish but expect it to last at least 2-3 hours. Although there are not any hard limits on the amount of spots available, I will limit the amount of people that can join to 6, to keep the flow going and to prevent the group to get too big. I will bring enough pencils and dice to keep everyone happy, but if you have your own set of dice then please do bring them. Its a fresh campaign with level 1 characters, if you have a preference for a certain type of character then please contact me.

People that like to join:

<more information will follow soon>