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Update from 2021-11-14:

In short, the following measures are adopted from today until at least Dec 03.

Basic rules:

  • keep 1.5 meter distance to other people
  • Ventilate; open both windows (and don't forget to close if you're the last to leave the space)
  • Don't come to the space if you're sick, have a cold or not feel well.
  • Be mindful of hygiene; clean your spot when you leave. We have kitchen paper, Alklanet and isopropyl alcohol available for this.
  • No more than 12 people in the space at any given time, spread out over the area of the space.
  • Face-masks are greatly recommended to be used whenever more than 1 person is present in a space.

Apart from that, the following rules will be applicable:

Every day, except Wednesday:

  • No (non-member) visitors! (Exception in the 1 rule below)
  • Any member can take 1 (one) non-member with them (introducee), given that they comply to the basic rules, and that the max of 12 people in the space is not being exceeded. Members have precedence over non members.
  • No need to make a reservation beforehand

On wednesday

  • No visitors except for those who contacted beforehand and got approval
  • No (personal) introducee's, (except approved as above)

For previous rules see: See