Corona rules

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Corona rules
This page represents a policy voted in by the board and communicated to all members.
Date announced 2020-12-16
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From this moment forward until at least 19 January, we do not see any other option than to fully close our society's space and facilities at Louwesweg 1. The intention of the rules announced by the government are clear and meant to ensure 'no unnecessary travel that isn't needed to sustaining life'. (e.g. food, groceries, healthcare)

Of course we all have our, sometimes strong, personal feelings and opinions about these matters. But at the end of the day as a legally registered society we feel strongly that we are forced to take these actions at least until the policies change in our favor.

This means:

  • Do not come to the space and try to get in, since this is not inline with the national rules and measures currently in place.
  • In case you feel there is an absolute need to come to the space, contact with a written request to our secretary (chip - / 0641441014) luckily living in the building.
  • Do not hang around in the hallway around our space unless you have arranged access as mentioned above.

The secretary will agree with you on his discretion case by case, if your travel to the space is necessary, or could be facilitated otherwise in a safe and proper manner, always adhering to current national measures.

It's a very hard decision, one that we don't like personally to make as members and as representatives of the space. It was not unanimous among the board. But unless the situation changes, a majority of us don't see any other option.

We as a board wish you all the best and warmth the coming month and holidays and can't wait until we can shake hands, hug, and have socials, parties and barbecues again with all of our members.

Until then, take care and keep safe.