Corona rules

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Current rules

  • The following rules will go into effect starting 17 Jan 2022

In short

  • Techinc is OPEN for MEMBERS ONLY
  • Be mindful of your health and that of others; perform (self)-test if there is any doubt
  • Bring a facemask
  • A maximum of 12 people can be in the space.

Before coming to the space:

  • Don't come to the space if you're sick, have a cold or do not feel well.
  • We strongly advise you to do a self-test before coming to the space
  • Bring a PPF2 facemask. No cloth facemasks.

The rules

  • Techinc is open for MEMBERS ONLY. There are NO time-limits nor a booking requirement.
  • We are CLOSED for general public, guests, etc.
  • Ventilate! Open the windows as much as possible
  • Keep 1.5m distance
  • Facemask are required whilst moving through the space, and if there's more than 2 persons per room
  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Clean your spot when you leave
  • There is a max of 12 MEMBERS in the space is not being exceeded.
Room Max. persons Note
windows closed windows open
Total (all rooms) 5 12
Main space 2 6
Aux space 2 5
Dirty room 1 1 Has no windows
  • For now we anticipate on not using a reservation system. Please adhere to the following:
    • Use the FIFO system; If the space is at max capacity and a new member arrives, the person being there the longest should leave.
    • The board trusts the members can take care of this themselves.
    • The board will monitor the situation as it develops, and will implement measures if/when required.