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TechInc Inventory
Description CNC-mill with cast-iron Z-axis support and X/Y cross-table
Make Commercial/DIY
Model Commercial/DIY hybrid
Category Mechanics
Operational Status BROKEN
Super Users justa
Received at 2018/11/14
Acquisition Details Picked up as a donation to the space
Owner Techinc

This is a large, heavily built CNC-mill. It is not yet operational as the controllers need to be re-worked or replaced; but the mechanics are expected to generally work without further modification.

Special note should be taken that:

- The end-stop of the Z-axis is a small hall-sensor that needs to be affixed again in it's proper location OR replaced with an end-stop switch instead. - The Spindle motor seems to be having a fault; could be brushes, could be something else. NOTE: 36Volt AC !!!! Comes from controller-box!!! - The controller-box needs inspection and deserves some re-work. Note that the G-code interpreter is...not quite-up-to-par regarding modern standards/expectations