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Board notes from 26 August.

Board Meeting 26 August

Present: Justa, Phicoh, Realitygaps, Julf, Wizzup
Not present: Arda Xi, Mattronix

Agenda points

Membership payments


    - Memberpayments; August and coming month, September.
    * We need to check the status on the current member payments. Hopefully
    before coming Wednesday I can squeeze out a session with trac issues.

* Phicoh will mail people who are late
* Wizzup will help with the export

Phicoh: We need to document the mail headers we use when mailing people.

Status on current member payments


Trac usage


    - Inventarize our TRAC usage
    * We are using trac a bit - but not enough, IMHO. We need to assign
    issues specifically to people and see if they can use them.

* Possible reminders for open tickets (weekly stats or reminders)
* Justa has a plan is to turn it into apache style authentication with a
reset method

Online membership form


    - Online membership form, what is nice, what isnt
    * The new member form is nice - but it doesn't do anything beyond
    sending an email (and now we have to fill things in in tweevoud or even

* Online form that can out an email
* Need an example date
* Autogenerate instructions on how to add a member (in the email)
* Wizzup will provide a template to realitygaps
* Realitygaps will add 'the next steps
* Realitygaps suggests to add a form for monthly reminders

Windows are placed


    - Windows are placed: pledge needs completing
    * Windows are paid for - but we need the money back - at some point -
    from the pledge.
    * Financial report / status update.

* Wizzup paid for them
* Justa will pay the money to the techinc account - Justa will do that
even before the pledge is completed

* Phicoh gave Justa 10 for the pledge
* Wizzup gave Justa 30 for the pledge
* Julf gave Justa 10 for the pledge

Financial report / status update

* Wizzup will give us a new update on saturday

Wizzup busy for 6 months


    - Wizzup away/busy for 6 months. Need replanning of work/etc ?

Would be good if some people can pick that up

* Justa and Phicoh will do the import for the 7th/8th of september
* Wizzup will do work and supportive action towards the financial report
AND monthly reports
* Wizzup will note down activities and report them if somebody else
needs to pick that up

ID papers


    - ID papers; paper copies and crypto-vault storage.
    * Storage of identity documents. I have a couple in my email box again.
    And we need to know where all other ones are (some were printed, didn't
    brainsmoke have them?)

We need to centralised it first, before we can decentralise it.

The tools are there, Wizzup needs to facilitate this. We will discuss
more details first (Justa and Wizzup will)

Justa will inquire with Urban Resort if they still require us the keep IDs

Film crew

Still waiting for money.


The board goes for a walk