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You can contact the board at


The current board members are:

Bakbotergeneral board member
Bigmacgeneral board member

Roles and Responsibilities (DRAFT)

There are three essential roles for the board

  • Voorzitter (Chariman)
  • Penningmeister (Treasurer)
  • Secretary

The current structure of the board asks for two board members in each role. A primary and a deputy.

For each position the following responsibilities apply


  • Chair and manage the board
    • Is each role's responsibility being executed?
    • Chair board and ALV meetings
  • Assure legal compliance of the board and the vereniging
    • Liability, Health & Safety


  • accounting
  • member administration
  • payments


  • organising ALV: help choose date; announcing date; collecting agenda points; organising proxy voting; taking notes at ALV
  • keeping track of members: active, inactive, etc.
  • contacting members in person if they are late with payment

Additional Responsibilites

  • Dealing with member signup
    • Personal Data, ID documents
  • Physical access management
  • Grievance Procedure
  • Reporting to the ALV on board activity and status of the vereniging


  • Ardaxi replaced Stef as voted at ALV_2013_06_29
  • Board members elected at ALV_2012_12_08: Justa, Becha, Wizzup, Amx109, realitygaps, Reese, Stef
  • Founding-members of the board were: Justa, Stef, MadEddie, Realitygaps & DrWhax. (Dec 2011-Dec2012)

Minutes of Meetings