Bbq 22-06-2016

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Bbq 22-06-2016
Date 2016/06/22
Time 19:00
Location Acta
Type Social
Contact stef

Time for another barbecue!

Food will be arranged, just bring €5-€7,50 (final price based on expenses.)

Please add your name to the list here, and just add a note behind your name if you have some special requirements (vegetarian/vegan/halal/etc.) If you are unsure whether you are coming, just add that as a note, i can probably make sure there is enough. (You are ofcourse free to not sign up and show up with your own food if you want, but i can also probably calculate in some margin of error so that we have enough for 2-3 late arrivals.)


  • Stef
  • JnX
  • You?