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Date 2017/05/17
Time Starting around 18:30-19:00
Location Outside!
Type Hackathon
Contact Stef

I expect people to make a small donation for the food (probably 5eu/pp or so) or bring some stuff. If you bring some stuff, try to bring a bit more than you need for yourself.

Stuff to get:

  • Charcoal - 2 or 3 bags should be enough.
  • Protein: Meat / Fish / Vegetables
  • Carbs: Potatoes / Rice / etc.
  • Salad ingredients
  • Sauces: Ketchup / Curry / Curry / BBQ etc..
  • Bread

Who brings what?

  • Chotee: Charcoal
  • Stef: I will sort some merguez/lambchops/sate/stuff and bread.
  • Katje: Will bring some sausages
  • You: ?

(If somebody can handle salads and some vegetarian options, and if somebody could help get Sauces/etc from supermarket, we should be good.)

Who wants to join:

  • Stef
  • Chotee
  • Katje
  • phicoh
  • mattronix
  • AndreasR
  • Gamer
  • Robert (guest)
  • You?


For those who'd prefer to not just have charcoaled hunks of burnt chicken and burgers to eat: