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* SawuGo
* SawuGo
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* BigMac
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* ... you?

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Artisanal Cider Tasting and CheeseBits
Date 2016/11/05
Time 19:00
Location TechInc
Type Party
Contact algoldor@foodhackingbase.org, emmy@xs4all.nl

Saturday Taster's Dream Night

This Saturday night (6/11/2016) night (starting around 19:00) is going to be dedicated to gourmet "foods and drinks" which we believe comes as no surprise with Food Hacking Base (FHB) being around.

Artisanal Cider Tasting - This is going to be the main attraction of the evening. We will evaluate a variety of high quality French ciders and possibly also some samples from other countries. We are coming from our trip to Normandie so most of them will be from that region, really high quality stuff! Please do bring some ciders of your own if you brewed some or introduce your bellowed brand (good calvados is most welcome too! :-)).

CheeseBits - This is the second event of the night which however will to a degree "melt together" with the previous one because we do believe that good cheese and cider fit together. We will bring some French cheeses and we will also source some Dutch and International cheeses. As usually if you can bring your favorite one, 50-100 g is enough for tasting. We will label the samples and tell the basic story of the origin etc. so you can track down later on your champions.

Both of these events can accommodate around 20 people or few extra and are donation based, everyone welcome to attend, no one turned away for lack of funds. What we collect will cover the spendings for the ingredients (100-200 eu depends how much we party) and hopefully part of our gas money (around 2500 km trip = +- 300 eu in diesel). If there is someone who would like to help out with extra funding please talk to algoldor (you know the sign at) foodhackingbase.org or Arnd, sproet or Daan (SawuGo).

Please let us know below if you are attending:

  • sproet
  • algoldor
  • SawuGo
  • BigMac
  • Wally +1
  • ... you?