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Ideas for usage of the second room

  • quiet/study room
  • conference room
  • move x, y, z there


Floorplan with dimensions
Combined Floorplan of both spaces
Combined Floorplan of both spaces with dimensions


Kitchen room closed
The View
Entrance southwest corner

Layout Proposals



I know that is not on a proper scale, but you'll probably get the idea

  • Move laser cutter to current 3d print desk
  • Space around the plotter
  • Give arcade machine a more prominent position
  • New room with desks, couches, beamer (for meetings and a more quiet environment)
  • Move AV to second room, more desk space on original location. Have to make sure that sound is controlled separately for both rooms.
  • 3d printers on a central table or on the current AV location
  • Perhaps the small room as study, but maybe it is already quiet enough in this room
  • I like the suggestion of removing two wall sections. Install a sliding door to make separate areas in case of multiple events at the same time