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Quick writeup:

Current situation regarding keys is that you need to get a keyfob for the ACTA front door from Urban Resort, and a doorkey (temporary solution) from one of the board members. We have agreed with Urban Resort that TechInc will store the pasport copies that are being requested in exchange for a keyfob. You will need to arrange with a boardmember to meet Marijke and get a keyfob from her.

Your passport copy should ofcourse blank out the BSN etc. <todo>good example of what to blank out</todo>

We also ask you to fill in a short form, with the following fields being mandatory:

  • Real Name:
  • Nickname:
  • Join Date:
  • Email Address:
  • Monthly Payment Amount:
  • Address:
  • A signature from you and a board member.

The keyfobs cost 18euro, the doorkeys cost 3 euro, urban resort charges us directly for this so you are expected to wire 21euro to our bank account to pay.

Stef will try to organize another specific date for getting keyfobs soon, alternatively you can just check if marijke is there when you and a board member are in the space.