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|Time=18:30 - late
Date to be confirmed
Date to be confirmed

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5 yrs TechInc party
Date 2016/11/26
Time 18:30 - late
Location ACTA
Type Party
Contact contact

Date to be confirmed

Program to be filled in

TechInc 5 yrs \o/

Something about the party here...

Demos and posters

Members can put up posters with their project or idea. This poster doesn't necessarily have to be 2D or printed in the usual way. You can also 3d-print/lasercut (parts of) it. Or take a piece of paper and draw your idea/project on it. Origami the thing together. Whatever you prefer. If you want to fire a discussion the poster can, for example, be mostly empty with pencils and post-its next to it.

If the project is something physical there can be a sign next/attached to it. Possibly with a QR code to the wiki-page. If it is about software or system you could run a slideshow (or screensaver) on a laptop or have a sign next to you about the project. Or wear a t-shirt with the idea/project on it, or something like that.

The things above are just examples. You can fill it in as you like. Flip-over sheets, pencils and post-its will be available for making last-minute posters.

Confirmed topics

  • SHA badge prototype
  • Alternative (digital) currencies
  • Lasercut etchings: combining classic and new techniques
  • ....?


  • Justa
  • Realitygaps
  • Narya
  • The Jinx
  • Sproet