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Update: "The voucher phase is over – only original ANGEL vouchers can currently be used. You'll be able to buy tickets at the official presale dates: 8. November 2018 12:00 CET 11. November 2018 14:00 CET 21. November 2018 21:00 CET"

We have 2 vouchers for 35c3 pre-sale. (35rd Chaos Communication Congress December 27 - 30 in LEIPZIG.) https://tickets.events.ccc.de

These will regenerate once used so can be passed on through the members of techinc.

PLEASE ONLY TAKE A VOUCHER IF YOU CAN PAY FOR IT IMMEDIATELY (otherwise wait until you can) BE SURE TO PASS IT ON TO THE NEXT PERSON IN THE LIST ONCE IT REGENERATES (otherwise the next people don't get a chance for a ticket)

Please sign up with your NICK - MAIL ADDRESS - VOUCHER FROM NICK, so the next person can send you the voucher.

The VOUCHER FROM NICK is the nick who you'd like to have the voucher from. the first 3 people got it from techinc, after that, that isn't the case.

If there are no more nicks who would want to have a CCC ticket, please send voucher back to: board@board.techinc.nl, thank you.

Currently in possession of the vouchers

DrWhax - drwhax [@] riseup [dot] net - TechInc - (has used voucher and it's regenerating) ???
bigmac - is known - TechInc - have used voucher and paid, but need to order more tickets so going to be sitting on this token for a while
shadowdevops - see userpage - (voucher re-generated, confirming with justa & Bakboter, the other 3 person's e-mails are not clear)

Waiting for vouchers (single person)

thomascovenant - shouldbeknown - DrWhax  (re: email not clear)
daan (sawugo) - shouldbeknown - justa (re: email not clear)
Tommy (re: email not clear)

Waiting for vouchers (multi-person)

Muse - see userpage (this entry for additional tickets, please keep below members with single ticket)
edef - 35c3 [at] $nick [dot] eu (this entry for additional tickets, please keep below members with single ticket)
drwhax - see userpage - ? - (for additional tickets for friends)

Have their tickets and are happy

edef - done, voucher received by Muse
Muse - done, replicating to shadowdevops 
Ep!c - - Got saved by someone else from the orga already so please skip me and make some one else happy

1 vouchers available right now.