34c3 Tickets

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We have 2 vouchers for 33c3 presale. (34rd Chaos Communication Congress December 27 - 30.) https://tickets.events.ccc.de

These will regenerate once used so can be passed on through the members of techinc.

PLEASE ONLY TAKE A VOUCHER IF YOU CAN PAY FOR IT IMMEDIATELY (otherwise wait until you can) BE SURE TO PASS IT ON TO THE NEXT PERSON IN THE LIST ONCE IT REGENERATES (otherwise the next people dont get a chance for a ticket)

If you would like to get access to a voucher, leave your name below:

  • justa (has used voucher, waiting for regenerated code)
  • becha (has used voucher, waiting for regenerated code)
  • realitygaps (likely has voucher from elsewhere)
  • s0s
  • stef
  • Maikel
  • Tessel (contact Maikel)
  • tew
  • thomascovenant
  • DrWhax
  • gorgabal
  • Muse