Techinc at HITB 2018

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Techinc at HITB 2018
Date 2018/04/12
Time 10-17
Location Krasnapolsky (dam square)
Type Congress
Contact Stef

There is another Hack in the Box conference that we can choose to attend, figured this page/event might help to organise. It's a good place to meet some of the {Dutch,International} security community, so i would say worth checking out. For more details see:

I will personally help out a bit where I can with the Techinc side of things, but I will also be busy with organising HITB, so i cannot do a ton of stuff on our end. We had a booth for the last few years, ideally manned by 2 or more people so that everybody can also walk around and watch a talk and such.

Who wants to help coordinate?

  • you?

Who wants to be there? And what time?

  • you?

What projects do we want to bring/show?

  • everything?!

Who can arrange transport?

  • you?