Techinc Pub Quiz

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Techinc Pub Quiz
Date 2017/09/29
Time 1930
Location Acta
Type Party
Contact Katje

Following SHA it seems we have a fair bit of beer left over. So as a dubious excuse to organise an event to make a dent in the beer stocks, it is my pleasure to announce the 2017 Techinc Pub Quiz.

This is your chance to test the 'ole grey matter in friendly competition with friends and guests. The event is open for teams of 3-4 people (members and non-members welcome). There will be a prize for the team that comes first, and a booby prize for the team that comes last.

The event is free, but if anyone wants to make a donation to either Techinc or the Prize Fund™, this is of course always welcome.

Beer will be available on the tap, by all means bring nibbles/snacks to enjoy with the beer.