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The New Wiki Order Page

Hey there! Here you can list what drinks should be included for the next drink-order.

If it is not on this list, it is not going to be ordered! Make sure to put the stuff you like on this list. (No Alcoholic Drinks)

Please check if (and how much) we still have some in stock in the storage area first.

After an order has been done, this list gets deleted and thus needs to be repopulated.

Adding drinks only crates

Please provide a link to the item, just in case a search doesnt work.


moved to SOP_Club_Mate#important_notice_on_pricing_and_ordering

1 - 2018 order list

Order done on 07 - jan - 2018

20-12-2017 old order list

Old Order List

Old Old order List

  • Club Mate 3 crates
  • Flora Power 3 crates
  • Club Ice-T 2 crates
  • Club Granat 2 crates
  • Bundaberg lemon 2 boxes
  • Bundaberg pink grapefruit 1 box
  • Club cola 2 crate
  • Hausmarke Kaffee-Kola 1 crate
  • fritz-limo citroen
  • charitea mate crate
  • A drink you like!