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A page listing the suppliers we use/recommend, both online and local


  • Van Beek
  • Penelope Craft (korteleidse dwarsstraat / centrum)
  • Vlieger - mostly for paper. all different kinds of paper
  • Rope - Rope, loads of types of rope.
  • Schmidt - for all things wood. can do precision cuts, and deliver. they stock betonplex

Bulk Metals


3D print supplies/filament

  • Faberdashery high quality filament (and high price)
  • RepRapWorld In DenHaag, dus geen idiote shipping fees. Groot assortiment filament en parts.


Electronics, parts & gadgets

Electronic parts
Smaller fun ones Bigger anonymous ones Free Samples


Food and drinks

Non-Food Chemicals


  • Rijwielpleister - recommended for bike parts.
  • Smerig - for all things bike repair. they do an awesome job for really low prices. On fridays you can use their shop to fix you bike yourself. they also have bike parts