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Spacebutton acta.jpg
Participants Brainsmoke, Guido, Realitygaps
Skills nanode, arduino, basic electronics
Status Dormant
Niche Electronics
Purpose Infrastructure


  • Get a better casing
  • Integrate with TISSEO(?)
  • fix network issue. Spacebutton keeps sending dhcp requests, but ignores dhcp replies. Keeps sending requests as an result.

Nanode code

(and EtherCard fork)

The code uses DHCP to obtain an IP address and find a gateway.


The button is a circuit breaker. Connected to pin 3, it pulls this input pin to ground when not pressed.

The code enables the internal pull-up resistor, so no external one is needed.

The LED is connected to pin 5, also using a pull-down circuit. (So the led should be *on*, when pin 5 is low.)


The LED blinks:

  • every four seconds: No link
  • every two seconds: No DHCP
  • every second: No DNS
  • twice a second: Changing the space state, but no response yet from the server
  • two seconds on, two seconds off: 'upstream' space state unknown.


The nanode is now powered through a USB-port.

DO NOT power it using 9V. There are some issues with the voltage regulator (which is not used when fed through (5V) USB.)

Notification App

An Android app is available to monitor the current state of the space and notify when it changes. The source code is available on GitHub: Source

The app can be downloaded from Google Play or GitHub

Spacebutton iterations

Spacebutton tmpinc.jpg Spacebutton acta.jpg