Social chemistry optical laws

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Social chemistry optical laws
Date 2017/02/09
Time 21:00
Location (h)ACTA
Type Workshop
Contact User:Becha


Social chemistry explained by means of optical natural laws (contrast, projection and interval)

With the help of prisms, colored lamps and other techie stuff I'll explain basic social chemistry - the stuff you only get when you get it (and who does, nowadays). Also good for people who want to understand more about group dynamics.


  • Date: Thursday, 9 February 2017
  • Time: 21:00 - 22:30
  • Place: TechInc, ACTA
  • By: Evelien Nijeboer

Max 10 participants.

Donations appreciated.


Please let us know if you are coming! Either add yourself here, or contact one of us.

  • Becha
  • Phicoh
  • Floor (friend of Julien & Evelien)
  • Karel (friend of Vesna)

About Evelien

Evelien Nijeboer is an artist and a philosopher. She has an atelier in ACTA.

"I'm an artist (painting and photography) and have been called 'magical realist'. I did a lot of research about color and optics (and also refined aspects of Goethean color theory). In my work for the Rijksduurzaamheidsnetwerk I discovered a very direct relation between the visual and the social. The perception skills (that I developed as a painter) can be directly applied to social processes and selforganisation.

We act out the images we have of each other. Our perceptions are very much influenced by laws that work just like the laws of perception or optics. And the images we form of each other have a major influence on our behavior, how we feel about ourselves and each other etc. I'm convinced that our perception in the social field is a creative act just like painting, both in personal relations as well as group dynamics. Handling them is an art or craft like many other. "

"After two art educations (AKI, Enschede and Rijksacadamy of fine arts in Amsterdam), I developed an interest in anthroposophy. I try to unite the best of these two worlds. My work is sometimes called 'magical realism' - it is about ideas but it is not conceptual. My goal is: concrete visual experience. I try to picture moods and thoughts, experiences and inner states of being. I'm interested in establishing things that are 'natural', an artwork should have some form of life. It should have a positive influence on one’s daily environment. For that you need to allow death in your creative process."

"Part of my work is theoretical: theory of colour, art and science, art history. By working with anthroposophical concepts, art and science become strongly intertwined. Science then can become a form of art, and art becomes a form of science (even when it's an unusal form)."

More: http://www.eveliennijeboer.n