Sdr sunday feb2017

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Sdr sunday feb2017
Date 2017/02/26
Time 14:00
Location Techinc headquarters ACTA Louwesweg 1 Amsterdam
Type Party

Sunday Feb 26th another SDR sunday will be organised at the Techinc headquarters, Louwesweg 1 Amsterdam.

The theme this time will be basics of sampling and digital filtering. FIR and IIR filters, and software to calculate the coefficents. Some basics of complex or IQ sampling- and processing will be explained.

Next to this, there will be access to wideband RF recording equipment for signal and protocol analysis, spectrum analysers and other RF gear. Techinc itself is also equipped with a reasonable baseline of soldering and measurement equipment for radio debugging.

Parking on Sunday is free and is just tens of meters to the door. For directions and contact, see