SDR Sunday 60 GHz gigabit radio special

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SDR Sunday 60 GHz gigabit radio special
Date 2018/03/11
Time 13:00
Location Hackerspace Technologia Incognita Louwesweg 1 Amsterdam
Type Party
Contact cmpxchg

This SDR sunday (Software Defined Radio) is all about 60 GHz radio technology, usecases, challenges and potential problems.

It is the largest ISM band (in europe) with space of 4 times about 2 GHz, capable of speeds of up to 7 gigabit per channel, over less impressive distances (10 meter, line of sight) due to heavy absorption by oxygen. Automotive radar is relatively nearby (76 GHz) and has much less this problem. At 60 GHz or 5 mm (V band) it is a great band for wireless video for VR headsets transmitting GPU rendered HDMI graphics at 2160x1200 or higher resolution, with a few msec-level low latency @ 90 frames per second.

Standardised protocols include the existing wirelessHD products on the market, like the TPcast solution for HTC vive VR, and to-be-incorporated wifi series 802.11ad and 802.11ay claiming similar speeds with different modulation and coding schemes.

Picking up a 60 GHz signal or determining the power level and antenna's beam is a challenge, several solutions toward this will be presented. There are ways to process it in software as well, but be wary that the ADCs to do so produce up to 8 times 16 gigabits per second - which could saturate a 100 gbit ethernet connection with raw IQ samples.