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Date 2012/12/08
Location ACTA
Type Congress
Contact User:DrWhax, User:Amx109

Out Of Hiding

OOH stands for 'Out Of Hiding', our first major event.

Actually its a _week_ of events

Here's how to get to our new space http://wiki.techinc.nl/index.php/ACTA#How_to_Get_Here

Why is it named OOH?

"Out of hiding" (incognita = hidden, get it? ;)


Monday 3rd December: Crypto Party

Where DrWhax hosts a hands on workshop style Crypto Party

Tuesday 4th December: Mitch Altman Soldering workshop

Where Mitch teaches us all how to solder, and we get to take home a kit (small cost involved)

Signup Here

Wednesday 5th December: Social Night!

As per usual. Socialising, meeting the community

Thursday 6th December: IPv6 night of talks and workshops

A night of talk and workshopping on IPv6 and what it all means for us (psst, its the future)

Friday 7th December: Lockpicking workshop

Lockpicking workshop given by an expert!

Saturday 8th December: Space warming party!



Talks will start from 7pm and end at 9pm. We suggest you grab something to eat before then!

Confirmed Speakers

In order of appearance (subject to change). Unless stated, each presenter has 2-5mins.

  • Hans de Zwart - Learning and quantified self (20 minutes)
  • The Jinx - ethical trolling (5mins)
  • BREAK FOR 10 minutes
  • Amran/Arnd - the colour yellow (10 mins)
  • Dougie - Open Source Protocols and the Internet of Things (5 mins)
  • Akos - Open Aviation Map (5 mins)
  • Vesna - WTF is Enum (5 mins)

  • (1hour mark) BREAK FOR 10 minutes

  • Julein Haffmans - an appropraite story about leadership (15mins)
  • Jan - Me and My (home built) CNC (5 mins)
  • Vesna - [RIPE Atlas] (5 mins)
  • DrWhax + Wizzup - rubberfuse - a plausibly deniable file system (10 mins)
  • Wizzup - Tracy - system call tracing and injection (15 mins)

(2hour mark)

Socialising (from 9pm)

Exactly what it says on the tin

Promotional Material

Flier I prepared for promoting OOH at ISOC.nl event (Becha)

(28-11-2012 --> this time without typos)

Snapshot of FB page of events