Kids Hackday January 2018

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Kids Hackday January 2018
Date 2018/01/27
Time 10:00 - 17:00
Location Entire hackerspace
Type Social
Contact user:DrWhax

Kids Hackday January 2018


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  • Saturday, 27th of January of 2018!
  • Start of activities: 12:00
  • Expected end of activities: 17:00


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  • Getting to know what the "hackerspace" is
  • Creative workshops
  • "Knutselen"
  • Playing arcade games
  • Possibly: Soldering, 3D printing, laser cutting...
  • Maybe: VR, making mugs, deconstructing old computers, learning to programme, printing on T-shirts...
  • Previously: bristle-bots, sock-puppets, LED-throwies, blinking-solder-kits... ,

Organisational Area


Previous & future events: Kids Events

Proposed Activities:

  • e1k: something with music. Create your own drum ( from duct-tape + something sturdy and round, maybe we can saw some big pipes / plastic waste ? )
  • Alisa: Nagels LaKKeN / Nail-polishing (for people older then 4 years; one by one; it takes 10 minutes per person)


  • Stef: happy to assist with order/prepare snacks. (And other stuff if something else needs doing.)
  • BecHa: can we there at 10 to help prepare the space; volunteers to open the doors for visitors; will help with promotion before the event...
  • Justa: general buildup and guidance at event-time; expect to do some pre-event logistics (shopping, etc), as well as host a (small) workshop
  • s0s: general buildup and guidance at event-time; Origami stuff