Industrial sewing machine

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20130621 154958.jpg
Description stitches things (fabric, fingers, ...)
Make Pfaff
Model 238
Category Sewing
Operational Status BROKEN
Super Users User:Narya, Braam, User:Bigmac
Received at 2013/06/21
Acquisition Details Brought to the space by Braam and Narya
Owner Braam, Bigmac

Ready to be repaired

There is a new shuttle for the machine.
Piece can be found tin the little drawer under the table.
Oberoid can do it. Repairman known by Bigmac can do it - Hans Volger - he has been emailed.

BROKEN 6/19/2016

Today the machine was found in a very sorry state:

  • Sewing machine broken plug.jpg
    apparently someone broke a pin off the mains plug... but did not fix it nor warn anyone
  • the bobbin housing (bottom thread) was covered in sticky brownish gunk - unclear if it was cola or coffee (with sugar) but some drink was obviously spilled into the sewing machine - but nobody cleaned this nor reported this
  • the top oil reservoir was EMPTY. This is an auto-lubricating machine on many points, but only if the reservoir has oil!
  • the plastic plug closing off the top oil reservoir refill hole is missing. This is the normal way to refill oil - take out plug, add sewing machine oil. If there is no plug, the reservoir will empty all over your work the first time you lift up the machine for some maintenance. We put some tape over the hole.

Braam was kind enough to resolve all issues, but really people... Please don't touch that machine until you have had personal training in using and maintaining it!


Ask one of the super users for instructions before use.

If something is broken, do not fix it yourself and contact the owners (they can be reached via Narya).

Last service check was on Wednesday 6 November 2013

Wear (safety) glasses! The machine runs much faster than ordinary sewing machines and is much more powerful. Just think of what could happen when the needle breaks..

How the machine works



Only use thin sewing oil!! (so no wd40 or other stuff) The right type of oil is in the drawer.

  • One or two drops of oil on all points. Frequency: every two weeks (Narya will do this)
  • One or two drops in the housing of the spool. Frequency: every time you use the machine (should be done by the one who uses it)
  • Oil container on the top needs to have sufficient oil (red label should be below the oil surface). Check the level every time you use it.
  • Wipe the tray below the machine. Frequency: every time you use it


Flat side of the needle should be on the rear side


How to install the thread

Industrial thread side.JPG
Industrial thread front.JPG

When you start sewing

  • First, put needle into the fabric by hand, only after that start sewing. Otherwise, you'll easily break needles or do other damage.