First Annual Techinc Bike Ride

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First Annual Techinc Bike Ride
Date 2017/06/17
Time 1400-2000
Location Acta + The Netherlanda
Type Other
Contact Katje

Announcing the First Annual Techinc Bike Ride.

The plan is for a leisurely bike ride starting from Acta, heading somewhere 40-50km away for a drink/food. Then find a train back to Amsterdam, any brave souls so inclined can always cycle back. The ride will be at a leisurely pace of 10-15km, no special bike needed, I'll be doing it on a Brompton. So your usual city bike, Omafiets, Unicycle, any functional cycle should be ok.

Route and destination will be finalised nearer the time, but options currently on the table are somewhere on the coast, or the forest outside Utrecht.

I'll bring basic puncture repair kit/tools/pump to keep us rolling. All you need to bring is:

  • Self
  • Cycle
  • Water
  • Sunblock
  • Cash/Pinpas
  • A sense of adventure.

If you're interested in coming along, to help get an idea of numbers, please sign up below:

  • Katje
  • ~Ro5k0~ can no longer do as I'm now moving on that day!
  • Tatiana (not sure yet)
  • webmind
  • s0s
  • phicoh
  • Maikel