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Date 2016/05/01
Time 10:00
Location Technologia Incognita Hackerspace, Louwesweg 1, Amsterdam
Type Workshop
Contact justa, piele

We're going to be brewing beer again!

Event Highlights:

  • We're going to brew a ServerRoom Saison!
  • We'll attempt a technique of brewing high-volume batches using small-batch gear (diluting with water only before fermentation) or even after ?
  • Justa will give his newly improved belt-driven grain-mill a try !
  • Piele might share some of the secrets of last time's IPA-recipe !
  • Depending upon availability, last brewing-session's products might be up for tasting
  • Some other beers from the brewers are up for tasting as well (pumpkin ale, SenSeIPA, More ? (piele ?))

The last beer-brewing session was concluded rather succesfully with two beers that have come to be hihgly drink-able.

  • A NEI-PA, or NE-IPA..; something that was brewed as an IPA but turned out different.
  • A syruppy stout that sticks to the inside of your glass and tastes of coffee but contains no amount of coffee at all!

Both of these are being gleefully consumed at the moment by the brewers; we aim to have a couple of bottles available for tasting at BeerBrew II.

What you can expect of the beer-brewing day:

  • You get to see AND participate in the production of a beer from it's grain, water, yeast and hop components all the way to the point where it is ready for fermentation
  • You get to understand the proces that turns the grain into something the yeast can use.
  • You get to appreciate the amount of preparation, hygeine and concentration that goes into preparing this beverage
  • You get to see a number of techniques/variants in the process that can be used to simplify or improve certain steps , depending on the desired outcome.

If you have a beer-kit, beer-brewing-set, or somesuch that you would like to bring and (under assistance) be shown how to use and/or to see just how you can improve on the basic techniques of it: please take it with you ! We'll be happy to help you brew up a batch in it during the day, sharing ideas, experiments, hops, material, etc.

Please let us know you're coming, either by contacting Justa/Piele or adding yourself to this page (an anon-alias is fine too, just so as long as we can see general interest).


  • Piele
  • Justa
  • Helios
  • Strix
  • Wally
  • Mathieu
  • loacker
  • You ?