ExPand II

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ExPand II
Date 2016/11/19
Time 14:00 - 22:30
Location West space / Aux space
Type Other
Contact ultratux

Same as last week, I will seek to ExPand our storage facilities by increasing our overhead. Yes, I know, it sounds confusing...

These works will entail drilling [into] concrete, and this time they will happen smack in the middle of the west space. So, while not blocking access to the west space, I will claim the exclusive use of one or likely even both the centre tables there. The server room however, and the solder workbench, will be accessible and usable as normal. Access to the storage racks along the wall may be impeded.

I would therefore strongly suggest and ask that you seek a place to sit in the East/main space on this day, even if just to avoid dust, tools, havoc and noise.

Hoping for your understanding, ultratux 'infratux'