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Here we try and document previous discussions, outcomes or arguments for/against. This is to help new members know a bit of the history in discussions. Do note that something having been discussed does not mean it cannot be discussed again, arguments and opinions change



We have wild mice.


  • discussed on irc at 2017-04-11


  • Cats are cute
  • Cats help against mice
  • Cats are cute


  • unclear whether this is allowed by landlord (UR)
  • cat needs taking care of (attention, food, empty litter, prevent cat peeing on lasercutter, vet trips, etc)
  • there are members with cat allergies
  • keeping a cat locked up in the space all the time is considered by some to be cruel
  • if we have a cat, we can't have the door open such as we do on social nights
  • not all cats are good mousers, we may end up with a softy who doesn't hunt
  • Cats don't always eat the whole mouse, expect to find some kidneys and part eaten mice on the floor
  • cat hair, everywhere...



  • helps against mice?


  • snake fobias