Amsterdam Lightfestival 01

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Amsterdam Lightfestival 01
Date 2017/12/27
Time 20:00
Location ACTA
Type Meeting
Contact Marina/krullen

Dear all,

What Would it be nice to have our own light artwork at the Amsterdam Lightfestival (ALF) next year?

The theme for ALF next year would be: "the medium is the message", which is the one-liner of the filosopher Marshall McLuhan. 'He predicted the web almost 30 years before it was invented', Wiki says.

When: The deadline will be the 17 jan. to send our concept to ALF. Next social 27th dec. first brainstorming session.

Who likes to join? Last year 2016-17 I cooperated in the group of the lighting design academy. So, I've been through the process and know a little bit how the application works. It was a lot of fun to make an artwork together!

CCCongres I know a lot of you are going to CCC. That very nice! s Even more because you'll come back with a head full with inspiration. Probably with this lightproject in mind you could slide out your antenna's in Leipzig, and send some tips home...

Tell me if you like the idea and would like to join! krullen