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Myth, Belief, Vision, Culture, Way of Thinking, Consciousness

Quoting Claud Atlas

Belief is both the prize and the battlefield, within the mind and and in the mind's mirror, the world.

If we believe humanity is a [hierarchy], a colosseum of confrontation, exploitation .. such a humanity is surely brought into being. One day, a purely predatory world will consume itself. .... for the human species, selfishness is extinction.

If we believe that humanity may transcend tooth&claw, if we believe diverse races can share this world (...), if we believe leaders must be just, violence muzzled, power accountable & the riches of the Earth & its Oceans shared equitably, such a world shall come to pass.

Quoting Eleanor Saitta

"... [It] is a battle in terms of how we understand humanity. Do we understand people as fundamentaly good or do we understand people as fundamentaly evil.

if you believe that most people are like you (most people do) and you are selfish and you want the people who are more like you to do better in the world then you assume that everyone else is is doing the same thing and all evil means is “oh, you are someone over there who is coming from a very different position than I am, you want different things that are mutually hostile.”

Whereas if you believe that people are fundamentally altruistic and don’t want other groups to do better than they are, this is the same thing in some ways as saying people are fundamentally good then you don’t need to fight and undermine those people.

Encrypting all the things isn’t enough... If we start decentralizing all the things, that makes a real difference. it’s impossible to build a free internet that is centralized.

we don’t get to be apolitical anymore.

Because If you’re doing security work, if you’re doing development work and you are apolitical, then you are aiding the existing centralizing structure. If you’re doing security work and you are apolitical, you are almost certainly working for an organization that exists in a great part to prop up existing companies and existing power structures.

we have culture wars going on. This isn’t about hacker in-group politics. The culture war is the big culture war: It is the fight for the narrative of what humans are: do you believe that people are fundamentally altruistic, or do you believe that we will stab each other in the back for a loaf of bread (...). If that’s the world you want to live in, you get to choose which of those is true. This isn’t just about what is true, but about what we want to be true.

You get to build the world you want to live in.


Quoting Russell Brand

Before we change the world, we need to change the way we think.

Consciousness itself must change.

My optimism comes entirely from the knowledge that this total social shift is actually the shared responsibility of six billion individuals who ultimately have the same interests. Self-preservation and the survival of the planet.

Total revolution of consciousness and our entire social, political and economic system is what interests me.

To genuinely make a difference, we must become different.

Apathy is a rational reaction to a system that no longer represents, hears or addresses the vast majority of people.

For me the solution has to be primarily spiritual and secondarily political. ((This, too, is difficult terrain when the natural tribal leaders of the left are atheists, when Marxism is inveterately Godless. When the lumbering monotheistic faiths have given us millennia of grief for a handful of prayers and some sparkly rituals.)) By spiritual I mean the acknowledgement that our connection to one another and the planet must be prioritised.

[this requires] the dismantling of our entire socio-economic machinery. By teatime.

The reality, when not fragmented through the corrupting lens of elitism, is we are all on one planet.

Joseph Campbell, the comparative mythologist, says our global problems are all due to the lack of relevant myths.

The model of pre-Christian man has fulfilled its simian objectives. We have survived, we have created agriculture and cities. Now this version of man must be sacrificed that we can evolve beyond the reaches of the ape. These stories contain great clues to our survival when we release ourselves from literalism and superstition. What are ideologies other than a guide for life? Throughout paganism one finds stories that integrate our species with our environment to the benefit of both. The function and benefits of these belief matrixes have been lost, with good reason. They were socialist, egalitarian and integrated. Little wonder then that these myths, these codes for our protection and survival, have been aborted and replaced with nihilistic narratives of individualism.

(my rewrite: this version of man must be sacrificed that we can evolve beyond civilization.)

We have to be inclusive of everyone, to recognise our similarities are more important than our differences and that we have an immediate ecological imperative

We require a change that is beyond the narrow, prescriptive parameters of the current debate, outside the fortress of our current system.

The reality is we have a spherical ecosystem, suspended in, as far as we know, infinite space upon which there are billions of carbon-based life forms, of which we presume ourselves to be the most important, and a limited amount of resources.

The only systems we can afford to employ are those that rationally serve the planet first, then all humanity. Not out of some woolly, bullshit tree-hugging piffle but because we live on it, currently without alternatives. This is why I believe we need a unifying and inclusive spiritual ideology: atheism and materialism atomise us and anchor us to one frequency of consciousness and inhibit necessary co-operation.

In 2013 we cannot afford to drivel (...) about quaint, old-fashioned notions like nation, capitalism and consumerism simply because it’s convenient for the tiny, greedy, myopic sliver of the population that those outmoded ideas serve.

Sharing is a spiritual principle, respecting our land is a spiritual principle.


alternate political systems -- here’s the thing that you shouldn’t do. Shouldn’t destroy the planet, shouldn’t create massive economic disparity, shouldn’t ignore the needs of the people.

only systems that serve the planet and serve the population of the planet can be allowed to survive. Not ones that serve elites, be they political or corporate elites and this is what’s currently happening.

Authority & Right:

I don’t get my authority from this pre-existing paradigm which is quite narrow and only serves a few people. I look elsewhere, for alternatives, that might be of service to humanity.

I mean I’ve taken the right. I don’t need the right from you. I don’t need the right from anybody. I’m taking it.”


Quoting Naomi Klein

Quoting Daniel Quinn

Quoting Einstain

  • Humanity is going to require a substantially new way of thinking in order to survive.

Eben Moglen

(at Columbia Law School on October 9th, 2013)

They wanted what it is forbidden to wise people to take unto themselves.





    • "Ubuntu, a traditional African philosophy, explains how we are bound in each other’s humanity. Translated as, “I am because you are,” Ubuntu describes a sense of unity between people through which we each discover our own strengths and virtues."
    • "We belong in a bundle of life. We say, “a person is a person through other people.” It is not “I think therefore I am.” It says rather: “I am human because I belong.” I participate, I share.” "
    • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_(philosophy)
    • We create each other and need to sustain this otherness creation. And if we belong to each other, we participate in our creations: we are because you are, and since you are, definitely I am.